The KoreKote Story

Founded on the vision that better science leads to better products & a better world.

Thirty years ago our founder set out to create a better epoxy resin solution that addressed the many functional and performance problems that existed with traditional epoxy systems. What started as Florida’s only Green Seal certified epoxy pool coating has now become KoreKote: America’s most innovative epoxy resin brand. The non-toxic, faster-curing, higher-performing answer you’ve been waiting for.


The answer – SafeResin™, a 100% pure polymer thermal set resin built on a proprietary formulation utilizing both natural and traditional ingredients with a combined chemistry that neutralizes the hazardous elements to human health and the environment.


Because of its proprietary SafeResin technology KoreKote, formerly known as Armor Guard and Oceanearing Research Development, is the only company in the United States with a non-water based epoxy resin system that holds the coveted Green Seal certification. KoreKote also holds on-site testing certification from OSHA showing a 0 PEL air quality test result for harmful VOC emissions in its production plant.


Since is development, the SafeResin® technology has been used in a wide variety of industrial applications and products ranging from electrical and structural components, recreational and racing boat construction to car and airplane parts. KoreKote also developed a proprietary coating product that utilizes the SafeResin® technology as its backbone. The coatings have been used in a variety of industrial applications such as warehouse floor coating and protection, tank and pipe coating and pool construction & repair. The coating products have also been used to seal basements from water seepage, reduce radon gas levels by up to 50% and when applied at thickness of 20 ml provide an insulation barrier with an R4 rating.


From one man’s vision came the next level in epoxy resin performance. One that’s safer for workers. Better for the environment. Faster curing for projects. And provides more longer benefits and profits for customers.


Now that’s anything but ordinary!